Organisation and balance

Last week my total running was 8.3km over one run, I chased my tail all week because I had a university assessment due this morning that I didn’t start early enough and underestimated the time it would take to complete.

Life lesson: Be more organised so you can have balance and run more.

Good news is my assessment was completed late last night and I’m happy with it’s quality. this allowed me to run this morning.

Over the next few weeks I have a busy schedule with uni work, my business isn’t going to run itself and my family still need me. Sometimes running can’t be your focus as there is only so many hours in the day.¬†With a busy 2-3 weeks coming up I’ll be aiming to get out and run three times per week and be on top of everything else in my life.

Balancing commitments in life can be hard, and learning to prioritise the most important things so you can achieve success. the next few weeks running will be a priority to take my mind off the more important and time bound things in my life. Running will always be important but without a goal race to train for currently my running is for fitness and enjoyment.

Hills and beach for this mornings run.


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Time to fit in a run.

I recently began studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) online at University which has taken a quite a bit of my free time. With a full time job, a family and now studying for a degree running has been hard to fit in.

I have managed to keep up with my studies, my job is going well and I make sure I fit in enough time with the family. In the past four weeks I have only managed to fit in two runs per week and only short runs at that. While my runs have been short I have decided that my runs need to have a purpose and have been making sure these runs are done with adequate intensity.

Today i managed to get out on the beach and trails near my house for a hard fast blast over the hills. i really enjoyed the scenery and pushing myself up and down a couple of steep inclines. It was a warm day for our winter season here, it was good to put the shorts and shirt on rather than my winter running clothes and run in the light of the day rather then the early morning darkness. My Gladsoles with no toe socks on to keep my feet warm was good too. Great to free the feet.

With no races coming up in the near future and a pretty busy schedule i am going to need to stay on top of my studies, work and family time and make time for consistent runs.